dominic at three months

Time goes by in a blink right? It feels like just yesterday I was sitting in my chair in the corner feeding him by the light of the Christmas tree and now his legs hang out over the edge of the chair... I did the very scientific and very accurate "hold him on the scale and then weigh myself and the difference is his weight" thing and that clocked him in at an even 15 pounds. Who knows? He hangs out in the jumper consistently, had his first big boy tubby with his brother, is awake more often during the day and smiles alllll the time. He is, and has been for quite some time, wearing six month clothes. Even nine months onesies at times. I moved him into size three diapers because let's be honest. Boy could use some room. Mind blown. Three months already....

He eats... Well? A lot? Some people, I won't name names but they think perhaps he should be put on a diet. We have been struggling in vain attempting to get him to take a bottle. He is most certainly a stubborn creature. Thoughts? Suggestions? I really wanted breastfeeding to "work" this time but I also could use a little help say if I want to go someplace without the babe in tow. 

He sleeps... He has been very magnanimous lately and given us several sleep "all night" nights. My body says feed baby but the baby isn't on board (amazingly). He is still in his swing off at night up in his room and during the day he sleeps in it with it on. Who wouldn't like that?

Likes... Morning diaper changes. Smiling. His swing. Having his bottom patted. Restless leg syndrome. My gallery wall.

Dislikes... When his Nonna holds him, much to my consternation. Letty pulled this same kind of crap and I hated it then as much as I do now. He just prefers to be in my arms. I mean what are you going to do? Okay so I like it a little. He doesn't like bottles. Or tummy time. Or burping.

His siblings... Letty drives me insane with babies. She gets in their face. She constantly wants to hold them and pet them and hug them and play with them and I mean. Germs. Fragility. Both kids fight over Getting the Book. Which is simply taking a book and putting it under Dom's feet when he is in the jumper because he couldn't quite reach. But now he can so they will need to find something else to fight about I think. Letty can always get him to smile which is of course adorable.

I'm not proud of this... But I found myself pinning (don't you just love how Pinterest has created this verb that just everyone understands?) christmas themed first birthday party ideas... Before you know it right folks? Can't be too prepared for such things. 




  1. Oh man he is sure a heart breaker, that little Dom! How in the heck is he three months already? Time flies. I know it's gotta be painful but I love how you explain how much Letty adores him and wants to be around him/touch him/etc and "eek" how he only wants to be in your arms. Best feeling ever. And girl, you know me and parties. Pin away. I think a christmas themed bash sounds amazing!

  2. i might pass out...from all the cuteness. just love it.

  3. Oh goodness he is cute! Love that sweet smile! Um and can he please share some of that chunk! Hallie was 13.5 at her 8 month appointment! Grr..she just wont gain weight!

  4. Little Dominic is SO cute! Seeing his little smiles and rolls makes me so excited for our little boy to arrive in July. Your family is beautiful! I wish I had some suggestions for an easy transition to a bottle. I am sure you are needing a little more "me" time. That breastfeeding gig is so challenging!


  5. You take THE best pictures. He is SO adorable. I didn't BF so I don't have much advice on the bottle:(

  6. he could notttt be any more delicious than he is!!! i mean really. he is beautiful :) and oh i keep seeing so many people say their baby won't take a bottle!! i only ever nursed M knowwiiing that she would never take a bottle even if i tried so i have zero idea about any of that. i have wondered if i'll want to with the next one but i may be too lazy/emotional to try it this time too...

  7. winter one-derland! Nothing wrong with working with your birthday's season, right?

  8. Christmas themed first birthday pinning. In March. I would expect not an ounce less from this chubberoony's momma. You, Laurie, are my Christmas Queen.

  9. Oh my goodness look at this little squish!!! Those rolls man...breast milk at its finest. LOL


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