On the chalkboard: It's like the Field of Dreams, if you write it, it will come. 

Reading: I think I can, I think I can. This is the second to last published book in the series and it's bittersweet. I can't get enough Claire and Jamie but there are other fish in the sea. And by fish I mean books. There is only one Jamie. 

Watching with Matt: We are so late to this game it is most shameful. But so good! We just wrapped up season two and my oh my. Underwood. Sheesh. 

Eating: These! Curses! I thought that we were over after Christmas but no. Here they are in all their Easter glory. Just put on this earth to torment me.

Drinking: I'm always in the market for a good boxed red. Economical. super classy, etc. This is the newest try.  Boxed wine is suuuuch a big commitment! If you don't like it you just have to power through for days and days. I vote that wine stores start offering samples. Or just make cheaper bottled wine. Or that.

Planning: This girl's summer dance class. There are a few camps around here and some with different fun themes such as Frozen and Tinkerbell. It's just a matter of which one. 

Thinking about: Having Matt make us a new entertainment center. Out of pallets of course. Our current Target one has been sagging in the center since.... forever. I'm liking these...
Watching on the treadmill: Oh Scandal and your irresponsibly tall wine glasses. This show is quite entertaining for my morning run. There was a time or two I almost fell off the treadmill. Which seems to happen to me quite often.

As I type this: David has found a new movie of the month: The Book of Life. He digs the music me thinks. The addition of a Mumford & Sons song makes me quite happy. And the vocal stylings of a certain Channing Tatum make Matt quite happy. Matt has a thing for Mr. Tatum.

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  1. I'm waiting for spring..great pics

  2. the pallet entertainment center looks amazing! Hope you share it when you finish it!

  3. hehe i love how we both have a currently post today. boxed wine IS a commitment. you're so right. and yay for house of cards! i'm still on season 3 - such a slacker. and lastly, it's a terrible (but genius on their part) marketing ploy that those cakes are available all year round. just in diff shapes. i have to resist. bc i'll closet eat a whole box. in a day. sigh.

  4. Oh my goodness! So me and my sweet boyfriend LOVE House of Cards! We have been watching from the first season release and we can't get enough. I will say however, it's the one show we don't watch apart. We have to be together because there is pausing and gasping and squeezing hands and what not! What an amazing show! :) I hope you and Matt continue to enjoy!

  5. oooh you are so killin me with your speedy reading!!!! i am desperately trying to hurry up with the one i've been stuck on forEVER now, but ahem... pretty sure diana hit some kind of writing phase at one point that is notttt funnnn to rereaaaaaad. still love her. and J&C remain my priority and true loves. and stevo's been watching house of cards! i wasn't invited, he started it on his own. because there are literally zero chances for us to watch adult programming together, at the same time. ;) but he's obsessed!

  6. Oh The Book of Life is soooo cute! That and Big Hero 6 have been playing in this house non-stop. I actually don't mind either one of them, so watch on my children.

  7. I haven't picked up the second outlander yet, I mean it is just so intense I know I'll get nothing else done. Those books are a commitment.
    I'm digging top left and bottom right, make both? Send me the one that doesn't work as well in the room, thanks!

  8. Those are some tough choices. I mean, how is one to pick between Frozen and Tinkerbell. Really? Glad you are loving Scandal. Falling off the treadmill would definitely be a hazard while watching that show. Especially for me since I get so jealous of her wine I have to drink my wine while watching. ;-)

  9. I'm sorry, I had so much to say but it's all been washed away by OH MY STARS ARE THOSE CHRISTMAS TREE CAKES IN EASTER FORM?!?!?

  10. I did not realize Letty was taking a dance class! Or maybe you did tell me...anyhow, has one been decided? So fun! :)


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