On the chalkboard: It's like the Field of Dreams, if you write it, it will come. 

Reading: I think I can, I think I can. This is the second to last published book in the series and it's bittersweet. I can't get enough Claire and Jamie but there are other fish in the sea. And by fish I mean books. There is only one Jamie. 

Watching with Matt: We are so late to this game it is most shameful. But so good! We just wrapped up season two and my oh my. Underwood. Sheesh. 

Eating: These! Curses! I thought that we were over after Christmas but no. Here they are in all their Easter glory. Just put on this earth to torment me.

Drinking: I'm always in the market for a good boxed red. Economical. super classy, etc. This is the newest try.  Boxed wine is suuuuch a big commitment! If you don't like it you just have to power through for days and days. I vote that wine stores start offering samples. Or just make cheaper bottled wine. Or that.

Planning: This girl's summer dance class. There are a few camps around here and some with different fun themes such as Frozen and Tinkerbell. It's just a matter of which one. 

Thinking about: Having Matt make us a new entertainment center. Out of pallets of course. Our current Target one has been sagging in the center since.... forever. I'm liking these...
Watching on the treadmill: Oh Scandal and your irresponsibly tall wine glasses. This show is quite entertaining for my morning run. There was a time or two I almost fell off the treadmill. Which seems to happen to me quite often.

As I type this: David has found a new movie of the month: The Book of Life. He digs the music me thinks. The addition of a Mumford & Sons song makes me quite happy. And the vocal stylings of a certain Channing Tatum make Matt quite happy. Matt has a thing for Mr. Tatum.

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