an interview about phantom of the opera

Me: What is the name of the musical you are going to see?
L: T's school. 
Me: No, not where you are going, but the name of the show
L: Uhm I don't know mom just tell me please. 
Me: Phantom of the Opera.
L: Oh. Right Fandom of Opra. 

Me: Who are you going with? 
L: T. Miss Sadie. Daddy. And mommy have to feed Dominic. 

Me: What are the rules when you go to a musical?
L: You have to be quiet. And you have to listen to the shows and you have to sit in your seats. And you don't bring toys. Just snacks and water of course. Like that stuffs. And my backpack. 

Me: Do you know what the show is about?
L: Fandom of Opra you have to watch something like on tv, like a movie. But it's not on tv it's on the show. 

Me: No, what it is about?
L: You have to stay on your seat till its done and then you get up and go home. 

Me: Do you know why mommy can't go?
L: Because uhm uhm uhm mommy has to feed dominic with her boobs. 
Me: Why can't daddy give him a bottle?
L: Because daddy has to come with me. 
Me: Touche. 

Me: You'll have to sing me some of the songs from the show tonight!
L: Okay I listen with my ears and I learn the songs and what words I remember in my head I'll tell you. 

David: Where is daddy?
L: No D! After daddy comes back with dinner then we go see moosical. And he has to sit down and be quiet I have to tell him. 

(Because David in his most ignorant of dreams kept insisting that he too was going to the show.)

At the per grainy iPhone photos:

At 10:30 p.m., two and a half hours past bedtime as she waltzes in the door holding a milkshake...

Me: So Letty, how was it!?
L: Good! T said I come back again!

Me: What was your favorite part?
L: The ballerina part. Lots of ballerinas!!

Me: Did you learn any songs for me?
L: Mmm. Nope. 

Me: Was it scary?
L: No!

Me: Were you bored? 
L: (whispers) Only for a little little bit. 

Me: Okay you go night night. 
L: Okay and we talk about it more in da morning!

There you have it folks. Fandom of Opra. A tiny bit boring but lots of ballerinas and most certainly not scary. Straight from the horse's mouth. She looks forward to these shows all year long and she really was excited to show her daddy the ropes. I'm just sorry I missed it. Anyone with any ideas for getting a highly stubborn three month old to take a bottle I would be most appreciative.

And just because I am one for the sentimental feels here is Letty heading out to her first show with her Uncle T two years ago. The show was Beauty and the Beast (shocker).