a trip to the railroad museum

This trip marks our first official adventure out into the world as a family of five. Yes we've done a restaurant here or there, but this was like something we would have done in days of olde, before there was a baby with a penchant for refusing to take a bottle.

Sunday past was a very special day; it was the birthday of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, otherwise known as Charter Day. On Charter Day, one may gain admission to many state museums for free. Not one to pass up a free admission anywhere I convinced Matt and our best of friends to join us for this adventure to one particular museum, The Railroad Museum of PA. This was actually an extremely wise (albeit unknown to me at the time) choice, inviting them. Because what we weren't too prepared for was simple math really. Two of us. Three of them. I naively left the wrap at home figuring that Dom would be happier in his stroller and then Matt and I would be even enough. But Dominic did not want his stroller, no. He wanted to see the trains and the big bright lights and so I held him. For a little shy of two hours, during which time those lovely wonderful and kind Fitzs helped corral the kids or push the stroller or whatever was necessary for survival. Dom wouldn't really settle down enough to eat, which I mean, fun times for this nervous to nurse in public mother. And hey those eye in the sky cameras that I didn't notice until the fourth failed attempt? Yeah sorry about the free show. But other than that...

The boys loved it! This was like the best day of their lives. Trains. Lots of them. Old ones. New ones. Ones you could walk through and touch. Windows you could lean out of. Trains from above. Trains from below. And then the cherry on the top of it all was a room filled with TrackMaster trains, which as you know, are their most very favorite toy. It was a very good afternoon, lots of walking and climbing and touching and just generally loving on the boy's favorite thing. Which I mean, there should be more of if we are being fair here. Those boys do plenty of princessy pink girlie things. For much longer? Time will tell. Time will tell.

Oh and Museum? Might I suggest something? Perhaps have a Harry Potter section? I know two very adult women who immediately said "Oh! It's the Hogwart's Express!" Except it wasn't, but we wished it was so.... just a thought.

And Laurie? Always, always bring the mother effing baby wrap.