a pallet end table

The versatility of the pallet never ceases to amaze me. And thanks to Pinterest the uses for pallet woods never end for me, I can always find something more for Matt to makey. 

When we got married in 2006 we registered for furniture from Target. And thanks to a very generous aunt and uncle that's the set we lived with for the subsequent six years. We replaced the sofas at that point but the end tables were kept even though they didn't quite fit (seen here in the after section). The coffee table as well, much to our undying regret, now replaced with something much more child friendly.

And so with our newly found pallets from our pallet mule I asked Matt to make me a new end table. Rid myself of these end tables! Banish them from my sight! Stat!

And so here it is in all it's rustic glory. After about ninety text messages back and forth from my mother trying to figure out what looked best on it. She should have just driven the seven minutes over here, it may have been faster. Shopping in one's home is quite the deal isn't it?

Thank you Handy Matty!



  1. It looks so good!
    I cant believe the kiddos don't pull everything off of it!
    Good job Matt!

  2. ok i'll take one for my apartment stat! matt, the never-stopping worker strikes again. these are gorg :)


  3. ahhh it looks amazing!! especially in that again!! special walnut? dark walnut? i am a fan!!!!

    1. okay stain not again, thank you iphone and autocorrect and 7am :)

  4. That is soooo cool! It's nice to have someone so handy around!

  5. Where does one procure such a teeny tiny pallet? And for that matter, a pallet mule?

  6. Okay, that's it, I'm nominating you guys for a DIY show! It's all just too good!

  7. These are amazing! Possibly my favourite piece yet. There are so many good ones it is hard to tell. Love the decor too. Great home shopping job!

  8. Oh girl..you know I'm all over this!!! It looks SO great!!!!!

  9. hm, I mean yeah it is awesome...but you should just knock it off with all your awesome-ness. I'm jealous over here. Send me some pallets!

  10. It looks fantastic! Good work guys!

  11. It turned out soooo well! I love it


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