A photo of each of my brood, once a week, every week, of 2015.

Dominic, aged 12 weeks: The swing is working for us. And working hard. He sleeps in it alllllll the time. At night we don't turn it on, but all day long it is swaying back and forth. It's a habit we will have to break as I am well aware... but I am also confident that he will not be going to kindergarten still sleeping in the swing. Things have a way of working themselves out.

David, aged 2 years: He scraped up his nose on the playset the other day whilst supposedly playing in the snow. Don't pick! He'll be sure to scold you, but I assure you, do what he says not what he does, eh? He is just such a toughie, constantly bumping his head and coming down with a new boo boo, but always wanting it kissed.

Letteria, aged 4 years: She has recently discovered the art of ballet. She found a video of a ballet studio tour on her PBS app and has been practicing the moves she saw. I foresee dance studio research in my near future. She won't give this one up... And she's pretty good in my completely ignorant eyes. I'm just basing it off of Center Stage and that Hozier ballet video. Which incidentally, Letty is obsessed with. Mom of the year award right here. And on a side note isn't it amazing how just a simple hair style change can make a child look so much older, yes?

Past weekly shots here.



  1. Love Letty's new found obsession! I hope Aria wants to dance dance dance. Center Stage is one of my fave movies. Poor little nose though. Aria is always injuring herself. She face planted on the porch last night and poked three holes in her lip and scraped up her chin. ugh. More coordination children!

  2. um YES to the ballet! girl after my heart. and the others are just too cute. yay for monday snaps :)


  3. Could your kids be any cuter?! I think NOT! I am looooooooving Letteria's ballet pose! All the heart eyes for that precious girl!

  4. Could the boys look anything more alike????? And Letty, yes to ballet! I started around 3 or 4 and loved it. Although I quit some time later....horses got in the way. I still really enjoyed. I can't wait for Avalon to get to that point!

  5. Work that plie, Letty! Work! I always wanted to take ballet. I'm the most uncoordinated person who walks the earth today and I blame my lack of ballet.

    Also, Olsen family photos are always the ticket for my blues. Just sayin'.


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