wood spool table and some wood burning

The same day my father made the revelation about the pallets he also made a revelation about wooden spools. The kind used for electrical wire? I had been wanting a footrest for myself in my "nursing chair", seen below. Not just a footrest though, but a footrest, an extra place for a hiney of guests, a table for David to run his choo choos on, etc.

 This is the condition we got the spool in, quite nice actually.

Matt removed all the nails and that nylon rope business as well as sanded it down for me. Then I dipped my toe into the wood burning pool. Oh the possibilities! 

Step one: decide what you would like to burn. I wanted the spool to look sort of like the top of a wine barrel, and Previte being the name of Matt's wine and also my great-grandmother Letteria's maiden name I went for that. He started making wine in 2011, hence the est. 2011. See also: Matt needs to start making wine again.

Step two: hop onto PicMonkey and find your font and what not. Print it the size you want it to be on the finished product. Sharpen your pencil with your daughter's princess sharpener.

Step three: use your skills from elementary school to make your own transfer paper. This is where Matt would have cut out every single letter tediously.... sorry dear, I guess they skipped transfer day at Hinkletown Mennonite. Turn the paper over and cover the back in pencil. 

Step four: use masking tape to attach to the wood and then retrace the letters, using some pressure. You can kind of see it in the picture below on the spool itself...

Step five: burn baby burn! I couldn't believe how easy it was! I didn't have to apply much pressure... I just needed a steady hand. I ended up smelling like wood smoke too which was an added bonus, if you like that sort of thing.

Once the wood burning was done and Matt had given me several nasty side eyes about the whole transfer paper scenario he stained the entire thing for me.

Now I wish to wood burn all the things.