who david is at 31 months.

Because when he was 2.5 (30 months if my math serves me correctly) I neglected to write a post and feel all sorts of sad about that. Middle Child Syndrome. Table for one.
I didn't tell him to look sad just so we are clear. When I asked him to come into the dining room for a cheese he ran straight into the refrigerator in his excitement. True story. But that bottom lip there is his specialty. As is his two second rebound.

So David. He be two and a half years old. He has hit the terrible two's with a vengeance and just like that my sweet and happy boy disappears from time to time. He can't make up his mind and is constantly contradicting himself. He is stubborn and loves saying no. He whines. He craves independence but can't for the life of him even take off his shoes. He shows zero interest in potty training and he is unreliable. Why yes, I go om potty! Cute little liar that he is. 

He is sensitive, taking his cousin's cries personally, or being quite sympathetic with a boo boo and a kiss. He is smart, knowing all his numbers and letters and counting like a champ. He's got shapes and colors on lockdown. He far surpasses his sister in that regard. He loves to give bull (bear) hugs. He thinks he is quite funny and cracks himself up often. He let me cut his hair but he really shouldn't have.

Likes: Having his nails trimmed (he's always found this fascinating the little weirdo). Brushing his teeth. Dinosaurs, trains, trucks, diggers. Any educational app on his iPad. Hulien and Maya on YouTube (still.). His TrackMaster trains and Legos.

Eats: Chicken fries (chicken nuggets and fries). Wheat thins. Chocolate Cheerios. French toast sticks. Super cinnamon bagels. Animal crackers. Donuts with icing except no donut. Peanut butter crackers. Cinnamon Toast Crunch (which I refuse to give him anymore as my kitchen floor was strangely becoming like a sand bar). Chocolate milk. We are getting nowhere in the picky eating department. Not that I can blame him as I am the pickiest of eaters.

Vocabulary: He can say it all. Brachiosaurus. Chuggington. Trapezoid. He speaks in full sentences and gets his point across quite easily. He is a very strong emphasizer, meaning he lands hard on certain syllables and it is quite adorable. He still mispronounces truck and cookie. He knows better, saying t, t, t, fruck! All smiles and pride.

Books: Animal Book. Goodnight Thomas. Little Blue Truck. If I Built a House. So long as it is the same book every single night.

Around all the babies: Mostly gentle. He can get a bit carried away when the jumper is concerned. He finds drooling offensive and hates when they cry. He calls Mikayla, Kayla. The rest he says their names properly. Dom is just that, Dom. He shows great interest in all things breastfeeding. Pumps. Milk. Mama's milk and Regular Milk. He congratulates me every time I finish pumping (good job mommy!). He always offers to get my water for me as well. I'm very happy to report zero baby resentment. 
We need to begin potty training and someday transitioning to a larger bed. We seem to be struggling with our naps. Do we need a nap every day or don't we? The struggle is real folks. He spends over an hour in his crib redecorating but alas, no sleep. Big hurdles coming our way. But I'm hoping true to David's form that he will just go with the flow and ease into everything like he always has. With some semblance of ease. Minus of course his Rainman tendencies.

Over and out with these posts until he has an actual birthday, never fear!