the snow had only just begun

The Northeast has been particularly laden with snow lately... not so much Pennsylvania of course but juuust enough to keep Letty home from school and for a snowman. [insert Frozen statement here] 

David had been sick. And it was a gross kind of sick. A kind of sick where he was wearing double or triple the diapers all to no avail. Where he wouldn't eat anything to help him feel better. Where I was washing pants and sheets and bedding daily. We can trace the source of The Contagion to his sister who had it for the four days prior to his onset but he just isn't a good eater so it hit him harder. I think? The kid won't eat a spoonful of yogurt if it was covered in blue sprinkles for goodness sake.

And that's where we were the first time it snowed. His fever had subsided and we were all feeling a bit pent  up, except Dominic, I think he was feeling just fine and dandy in his current situation. The snow clothes came out of their closet and onto the kids they went.
First we just watched daddy snowblow. And then we (and by we I mean me) decided if we were going to just be outside and be cold we might as well be useful and so we got the shovels out. David manned his with pride, pushing slush to and fro on the sidewalk, refusing to let go. Once Matt had cleared out our business and a few of our neighbor's sidewalks as well he took the show to the backyard for some Olaf building while I went inside and took care of some Dominic feeding. I know, this post is killer isn't it. Just hitting it out of the ballpark with entertainment value, I realize. But! Kids!

And then the Blizzard of '15 hit.