preschool. five months in.

A week or so ago we had our first of what I know will be many parent-teacher conferences. 

Oh and this is what Letty wore to picture day. Picture Day. Already. Anyway.

Going in we were quite the nervous two parents. On Wednesday's pick up the teacher informed Matt that Letty was quite "chatty" that day so we figured.... Great. This should be good. The boys stayed with my mom and Letty helped the aide set up the room for the day while we sat down on these two tiny little blue chairs across a tiny desk from Mrs. Shearn. 

The conference itself went as expected I suppose. General points being that:

- She shows no interest in learning her numbers or letters
- She has finally come out of her shy shell and has branched out from her two best friends to others in the class as well
- Her vocabulary has greatly improved from the beginning of the year
- She is respectful of authority and rules and never breaks them.
- She was a follower until Christmas and has finally become more of a leader
- Her teacher recommends instead of full day kindergarten next year we do three full days of preschool for another year.
- Her teacher was floored to hear she is loud or bossy or anything but a wallflower at home. She said Letty tells her David gets in trouble a lot but when we told her no that's actually Letty she couldn't believe it.
- She should have her speech evaluated, as her teacher is picking up on an issue or two and had problems understanding her at the beginning, but feels it could be corrected quite quickly and easily.

I'm mostly glad to hear that she is well behaved. I shuddered to think of how she could have been treating the kids and the teachers. So I'm glad that she reserves that evil for me when she arrives at home. I'm glad that she has friends. I'm glad that she listens and is kind and respectful. But what kills me is her lack of interest in learning. I was always a student. I loved homework and memorization and quizzing and all of that. I prided myself on getting great grades and doing well. To have a daughter who seems to care less is going to be very difficult for me to handle. I will have to train myself to give her a break. I'll just spend all my memorization and scholarly skills on David since he seems to respond better. 

The teacher gave us all kinds of recommendations for how to help her out with her interest in learning. Mainly trying to find ways to trick her into learning in her day to day life. Using crafts as learning tools and playing with them in that manner. Continue reading to her often and she also recommended a few apps or tools we can use on our iPad. But only for short periods of time and don't frustrate her or push her too hard (uhm yeah that won't be hard for me).

So that's that. Five months in. What she's up to. Now we know for sure what we should do for her for next year. I've been on the fence forever it seems about that. I was the youngest in my grade and was fine with that, but Matt was the oldest in his grade and he was fine with that. So we have been at a standstill. Her teacher just reminded us we need to do what's best for Letty so she will be a leader and not a follower. To think of her down the road transitioning from 8th grade to 9th grade or 10th grade to 11th grade, not just into kindergarten. And so I guess we know where Letty will be in the fall.... which to be honest a part of me is really happy about. The thought of having her go to school five days a week all day long was a bit terrifying. To me. Not to her. She could care less. 

Her motto.

Preschool a month in here.



  1. that sass in that last photo! ha i love it. and HOW has it been this long already? i feel like i was just there and we were taking first day photos. WAH

  2. haha - So I'm glad that she reserves that evil for me when she arrives at home. Aria has the delightful habit of frustration biting, so she's not even in a school type environment and it still worries me. Mostly she bites mom, but I'd die if she bit somebody else. Fingers crossed that one works its way to an end before schooling. And, I could not have cared less about school until I hit 9th grade when apparently I decided to become that straight A student. I guess I just knew when it counted! You wanna go to college? Don't be an idiot in high school. The rest of the time is just for show. So you never know! Letty could just blossom into a caring student with time.

  3. I think its great that the teacher was so honest about having her wait another year for Kindergarten. I imagine it would be way worse to get held back because of not being prepared than it would be to just be an older student in the grade. The first one to get her drivers licensed and all that good stuff... but we will pretend that isn't going to happen because shes going to stay this age forever. I am a true believer that school learning isn't for everyone. She is still soo young so who knows maybe in a couple of years her interest will peak.. or maybe shell be one who does average grade wise but then is an amazing artist or musician? I could see Letteria Lynn the artist for sure!:)

  4. Oh my gracious! I am on Letty's wavelength. I hated school but loved learning on my own. I had no clue Preschoolers have Parent Teacher Conferences. Is this what I have to look forward to when I have kids? What if they're mean to others but sweet as pie to me? What if my kid is that Biter!? Oh dear. Letty - you do you girlfriend!

  5. Awwwww look at her! I love that last picture totally owning that picture! Why is time flying????

  6. Wow, five months in already? Where does the time go. It is crazy how kids can be one way at school and a totally different way at home. I know that both of my nephews are the same way. They also save the "evil" for their parents. haha.

  7. Oh Letty....givin your mama a run for her money! I think that the first year of preschool is just working the kinks out. There is so much to take in, the social and then the academic aspect. It might be really good for her to get another year in.

  8. So you can choose when to send them to kindergarten? I had no idea! To add to Matt's end, I was also the oldest in my grade because... wait for it... I was held back in first grade. I couldn't read. Yes. Me. I couldn't read. I know. Anyway, I was the only one to drive and have a car for the second half of freshman year which made me cool for approximately 4.5 months. I always liked being older though, so I think it doesn't matter, what matters is what's best for Miss Letteria.


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