pallet projects

This is the pallet song that never ends. It just goes on and on my friends...

As you know we have been knees deep in pallet projects, some bigger than others. Here are several of Handy Matty's smaller creations.

1| Centerpiece. While I love the box I'm not completely sold on what is in the box. I just used what I had lying around, but someday intend to get taller candles of the same color. Maybe I'll even switch it out for the different seasons? We all know I will. I'm already plotting Christmas's.

2| Decorative Tray. Those handles were my Poppop's and are older than time itself. Or very old my mother says.

3| Coffee sign and mug storage. I won't stop with the wood burning. A monster has been created.

Those are the completed projects... however, as always with me, it never ends there. I have two other projects in the works for my Handy Matty. Which I am quite excited for if I might add.

4| End Table. Like one of these:

5| Hanging Pot Rack. Like one of these:

And... apologies for the Barney reference.

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Happy weekend to all!