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pallet accent wall


Handy Matty has been quite busy as of late with pallet projects galore. I happen to love pallets. I love their price tag (free). I love their look (rustic). I love their uses (versatility). And I love Pinterest (addiction). So many great ideas have been percolating for so many months now. Finding pallets can be a bit of a nuisance though. When Matt made our headboard (seen here) he had to take to Craigslist to find nice pallets. So you can imagine our shock when my father mentioned quite casually that there are pallets in spades at his office and there had been for years. Now this is when my father becomes the Pallet Mule (like a drug mule but legal). The first of many projects was an accent wall in our powder room. The original transformation from move-in here. And before the pallets were installed she looked like this, baby wipes and all:

First things first. The Pallet Mule made his first delivery. Then Matt had to break them all down which involved a lot of hammering and curse words coming from the vicinity of the garage. Once that was done it really was quite the quick process.

He cut them down to the width of the wall, cutting some in half to add some variation once on the wall. He used a nail gun to attach them to the studs and well... wala. Within 15 minutes they were all up on the wall. I vacuumed them off and done!

The original plan had been to stain them but I sort of like it just the way it is. How about it?



  1. This looks great! Can't wait until we have our FOREVER home and I get to do fun things like this! Right now I just feel like its a waste of money since we will eventually outgrow this house!

  2. I *love* it, and I love the natural wood, too. HEYYY, MATTTTTTT! I have the perfect wall in my bathroom for this. :)

  3. oooooh i LIKE that!!!!!!! yall are a great team! making pretty babies and rooms and all!

  4. love that! and this - lol - Pallet Mule (like a drug mule but legal) :) seriously you guys are always doing something cool!

  5. This is seriously amazing!! You two make quite the design team. What's up next? I need to live vicariously through your projects.

  6. This is genius! Love it! You two are quite the pair. You should host a show. ;-)

  7. Aren't pallets the best! And pretty nice that you have a super pallet source now too. All the pallet projects!

  8. I just love this...hey maybe instead of taking down the wall paper in my powder room, I can cover it up with pallet wood! Too much? haha :)


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