our valentines

Oh the Tale of Our Two Valentine's....

The first of which was, as always, with our neighbor loves, the Fitzs. They bring the salad, desserts and wine, and Chef Matteo takes care of the rest. Children be loud, wine be drunk, sweatpants be worn. That sort of thing. The success of the entire evening hinging on the exact shade of purple on Mark's lips. We had steak, shrimp skewers, and garlic mashed potatoes, all made from start to finish my moi. I mean Matt. And those children of ours? They were by far the most well-behaved bunch I ever did see. Remove that jaw from the floor, I tell no lies. The playroom has seen better days but those kids played so nicely that my cold frigid heart warmed up a degree or two.


The next day was the actual day of The Valentine and not one to sit around by our fivesome, we invited over my brother and his wife and baby and my sister and her husband and their baby. Nothing says love and romance like siblings and cousins and lots of noise. The menu included ribs, scalloped potatoes and sweet corn from our summer harvest, as well as a delicious strawberry heart pie (also from our summer harvest) by Beth and some of Steph's left over strawberry vanilla bean cupcake goodness.

The natural progression of the evening of course lead to posing the babies for festive holiday shoots. Lots of that happening.

So now! On to the next holiday! And as Italians we are huge into St. Patrick's Day. Don't pinch me.

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