my mom uniform these days

I thank my lucky stars daily that it is winter and it is cold and I have a newborn and therefore no place to go and basically only family to see. Though if I were to leave the house it's not that I would change anything. Because I'm classy like that. Wink wink.

So my uniform is all about one word if you will: comfort. To me and to the kids. Every single day there is some variation of warm socks, leggings, nursing tank, and a shirt that is loose and flowy and keeps the ladies (ahem) covered up a bit (hopefully). I recently found the most perfect shirt for my post partum body and tactile sensitivity. I shall elabrate.

Heather Grey Piko Long-Sleeve Top and Reasons I Love it Most Ardently:
- It is long, i.e. covering up my sizable hiney and allowing me to possibly get away with potentially less than stellar legging coverage.
- The arms are tight fitting but the body part is allllll big and flowy. So it hides all manner of baby sins but yet there is a real person in there.
- It's made out of bamboo and spandex. Which I mean, tree. But! It is so perfectly wonderful for my tactile thing because it is soft and just lovely.
- The long sleeve top is super long sleeved. I enjoy that.
- I greatly appreciate the neckline. Modesty is sort of key for me at this time of large mammaries.
- I can wear it around the house or I can throw on regular pants or hell, even an accessory, and it's instantly a "dressier" outfit. Soooo very versatile of me. Not that I ever take off my leggings. Because I do not and never shall.
- It didn't break my bank. I have a very low threshold for clothing expenditures.


So basically what I'm saying is I wish I had this top when I was pregnant because there was room in there for a baby belly. And I wish to have about a zillion more of them in every color of the rainbow. Because it's the perfect shirt for me as I continue on my mission of never being uncomfortable again ever for the rest of my life.

And in my search for the world's most perfect legging (read: cheap and not see-through) I have decided upon these. The end.