letty cam returns

My daughter has an iPad. As do both boys (because most certainly an infant requires an iPad), thanks to a very generous set of grandparents.  She has been known to take a lot of photos in her time, some quite humorous. And well lately she has become quite the photographer, chasing around family members and machine gun firing the shutter with gusto. So out of the 1,111 photos on her iPad, (57 of which were of her wellies) here are a few of my favorites.

The Happy Daddy:
The Peekaboo Mommy:
The Blurry Aunt Ashley:

 The Sneak Attack on Uncle T and Uncle Colton:

The Nonna as Seen From Below:

The Beautiful Hair of Miss Sadie (or as she likes to call it, The Best Side of Me):

 The Silly Uncle Robbie:

 The Hi Pop!:

 The I'm Annoying Aunt Beth by Taking 23 Pictures of Her:

 The A Normal Day in the Van:

 The Gorgeous Views in Ephrata:

 The Unsure Lena:

The I Made My Brother March and March Until He Collapsed All While Mommy Nursed and Begged To Not Be Photographed:

 The Toys:

 The E at Rockwell's:

And approximately 312 of these:
The girl will perfect the selfie I am sure of it.

Past Letty Cams here.



  1. ha i was just thinking that before you typed it - she'll be the best at selfies. these are great. especially your captions :)


  2. i LOVE her selfies!!! is it crazy or is it CRAZY how this next generation is growing up?!?!? i really, really do love that they can take their own little photos, though! it makes me soooo happy!!! go letty! budding photographer!!!

  3. haha I love it! I'd give Aria something to take pictures with if I wasn't afraid she'd break my stuff. She needs her own clearly!

  4. OMG! I laughed so hard. I would be afraid to look at the pictures the kids have gotten on their iPads!! The horror! But this was pretty funny. I love all her selfies!

  5. Oh Letty, this is so good! Love it. ;-)


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