happy love day

I know! You didn't expect to see me around these parts on of all things a Saturday, but here I am nonetheless because as I was feeding a certain chunky baby I was perusing old photos and nostalgia always wins people, always.

So.... Valentine's Days of olde:

2005| Our very first Valentine's Day together. We went to Manhattan with a bunch of our friends from college and ate pizza and saw The Gates. See also: Matt's signature footwear for the first year we were together.
2006| We were engaged and about eight months out from our wedding. These were our at home engagement photos we used for the papers.
2011| Letteria was just six months old and in the midst of my very favorite baby stage. Chunk. Inability to move. Lots of smiles. Photo by Whitcomb Photography.
 2012| We found out we were giving Letty a baby brother on this Valentine's Day

2013| Traditional Fitz Valentine's Day! This time with a tiny David.


Oh how I miss tiny Letty curls!

Have a great day enjoying love in whatever way works for you... We will be staying in yet again with our three little people and I wouldn't have it any other way!



  1. This has all the feels! Just look at all those cute kid moments. You two looking so young. Priceless this all is, i say. Time flies too fast. Happy Valentine's!

  2. Oh these photos! and I am go ahead and take my credit for photo #1 :) But really it's not about me but rather those beautiful babies. including baby laur and matt :)


  3. How cute!!!! Hope you guys had a great time!!
    Chelsea @ thewilliamsjourney1.blogspot.com/

  4. Love the recap...you have the sweetest Valentines ever!


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