dominic at two months

My Dominic turned a whole two months old on Sunday! Already! Since his clogged tear duct cleared up last month he has become quite alert and attentive. He stares at you with eyes that just are the definition of smitten. He coos and almost purrs as he smiles at you open mouthed. I know I say it about practically everything with him but these private conversations might be my most  favorite.

He eats...As a baby his age should. My goal is a big fat rolley polley baby because they are my favorite (see?!). At his well visit yesterday he weighed in at a solid 13 pounds 6 ounces, three pounds in the past month! We have these marathon nighttime feedings which I don't really mind because of the mid arm roll... the wrist roll... and what they mean for later on that night.
He sleeps... Like clockwork. After his marathon eating session in the evening he is always asleep in his swing (off) swaddled by 9:30. He gets up for a feeding between 2-3 a.m. and then again three hours later. After which he takes a nice long morning nap for almost four hours. I just love that morning nap. It's the perfect amount of time for a work out and shower and getting the bigger kids set for the day.

Likes...Cooing and open mouthed smiles. Watching his siblings. Slamming his head into you. Tubby time and water dripping down his head. 

Dislikes...Diaper changes. Clothing changes. Nighttime feeding location changes. Being on his stomach. 

His siblings... seem to show more interest in him when we have company which as annoying as that is seems to be quite normal as far as kids go. If I'm taking a photo of him they want to be in it, that sort of malarkey. But they do so love him and really I should be grateful for any of their baby attentions. Letty is an excellent shusher and she so very much wants Dom to take a nuk but sadly, no go dear Letty. He will not follow down your well trodden nuk path.

I can't believe my little newborn is already two months! This won't be the last time I'll be weeping about time and babies not keeping and the like. Oh and that pause button. Yes please.

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