chuggington live!

My boy's first show! Okay, so he has seen stage shows at Disney and the small ones they put on at Dutch Wonderland, and he saw a Disney on Ice thing for a bit last Spring but! An actual show. As in within an actual theater. All big boy style. It was all quite exciting and new. 

Middle children get the short end of the stick, or so I hear. When Letty was David's age she got invited by her uncle to go see his school's production of Beauty and the Beast. She wore her very best Belle dress and brought her very best Belle doll and it has sort of become an annual thing. But David. He always seems younger somehow than his counterpart at no fault of his own, it's just he's younger than she is now. Could he handle an actual show? We wondered...

A few weeks ago Chuggington Live! came to a theater near us and my father took it upon himself to treat Matt and David to a showing, since Letty and I got to go to Frozen on Ice after all. I packed a backpack full of treats and trains for Matt to use as distractions if anything went awry and sent them on their merry way. And yes his shirt isn't buttoned properly. How he will function in the real world with a mother like me is just beyond comprehension.

They had fantastic seats in a fairly packed show. From my understanding David was quite quiet and shy, taking it all in. He sat on Matt's lap the entire time eating his snacks and watching his show. During intermission he played with his choo choos until ready to resume watching again. When he came home he said immediately: I had fun at Chuggington!!! He was remiss to discuss any further.

So can he handle a show? Why yes if that show has trains and includes a never ending supply of chocolate cheerios I think it's safe to say he can. Thank you to Nonna and Poppop for treating the guys!