a lego table from target

The problem of the Legos and the storage of the Legos. Totally not awesome. Pinterest has about a zillion and a half ideas, Legos has tons of merchandise you can buy with the toys in order to store them should you be willing to give up your right arm to pay for it. I was going to have Matt make something but we found this table on clearance at Target and just couldn't pass that up. Matt couldn't have made a table for less than that. It has space for six storage cubbies and it is the perfect height for little kids. So much easier than building from scratch.

The table assembled:

He searched eBay for the cheapest Lego plates and I searched the rest of the interwebs for the cheapest fabric bins (Target, found here) and it just makes my OCD heart so very happy. 

Thankfully I am not the only mother creating Lego table like spaces for their kids. Katie just recently created this wonder and I'm so glad she gave the little tip of attaching all the plates with Legos first, prior to using the wood glue.... have to have the spacing right, otherwise - yikes!

I put all of the instruction manuals into ziploc baggies for now, one with Letty's sets and another for David's. The Legos themselves are all currently separated into his and her sides of the table but we all know that won't last long, much to Letteria's chagrin.

I know that the Lego War has only just begun. I know that for years to come they will be getting these sets and now that there is plenty of room for them in the basement I say bring them on! The best part might be the table's location. Out of sight. Out of mind.



  1. having a bin for my lego's was the best ever. but was just rubbermaid and then i played on the floor. you've taken it to a new level and it's super cool! :)


  2. Yay! You found your perfect storage for the Legos and I'm loving it!!

  3. You are a brave mama with those little legos, I stick to the big duplo ones. But a lego table is a must, I am loving that you guys did it yourselves, of course we are the suckers who bought some ridiculous thing. Whatever works right?

  4. Lego is fun until you step on it. haha My nephews could drown in all the lego they have accumulated over the years but of course they still NEED more. Love this table such a great play/storage solution.

  5. oooh what a dream that you have a lego table now!! i remember my brother having lego eeeverythiiing when we were little! so fun! madd experienced her first lego [well, it was the duplo sort] table last night after having recently been introduced to her own little lego zoo set. kind of a weird gift for a girl, i thought, haha, but now we have them and they're fun and i'm sure there'll be moooooore to come!!

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