a laundry room takeover. again.

You know it's pretty bad when rooms that we have already made over we are making over again. But sometimes once life settles down or you start into a new routine in a new season a problem with organization may arise. If organization is your thing which it clearly is mine.

Here is our original laundry room before and after.

And here is what our laundry room looked like before Handy Matty got his hands on it. This project basically all started because when Matt would come home from work he would throw his jacket on my washing machine and I didn't understand why he couldn't hang it up on the coat rack or in the coat closet or some other such thing (I am a pleasure to reside with). So he came up with a plan and he executed it with lightening speed. All because of a jacket.

The in between stages...

And then the finished product which we all just love, kids included.

And hopefully we are done. Although I would kind of like a giant letter "O" up on the wall above the shelf.... details.