A photo of each of my brood, once a week, every week, of 2015.

Dominic, aged 10 weeks: He is just bursting out of his three month onesies and pajamas. I'm really dragging my feet about packing them up and moving on up to the next size. He is my baby after all.

David, aged 2 years: A few weeks ago I made the mistake of cutting his hair. And it was just horrible. Horrible awful no good very bad. He looked like an Amish Lloyd from Dumb and Dumber. I thought it would improve as it grew out.... but could take it no more. My good friend Rhonda finally rescued us all.

Letteria, aged 4 years: Being the eldest means you get to do all sorts of fun things. Like go out and play in the snow whilst your father is snow blowing. Also? She sees the camera come out and is all like "cheese" "cheese" Mommy! "cheese!"

Past weekly shots here.



  1. Oh man I'm loving that one of David...what a sweetie! And please tell me this is the new haircut?? Because I'm LOVING it....and if it is, then I really, REALLY need to see the bad one. Please??? =)

    And I can't imagine having to pack up D's little itty bitty baby onesies :(

  2. They are the cutest! And I was totally going to say David's hair is so cute, and then I read your caption and had to laugh. He does have a mighty fine head of hair though :) My kids have run around with moms handy work on their heads one too many times....I think I am getting better though. Maybe.

  3. Love these moments. I am with you on holding on to 3 months as long as possible. David and Letty both adorable here as well. I mean, the hair and those eyes. Melts me. ;-)

  4. Who knew eye rubbing was an Olsen trait? I see Sydney in David here.


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