A photo of each of my brood, once a week, every week, of 2015.
Dominic, aged 8 weeks: The first thing everyone says about him when they pick him up is always something about his weight. His chunk. His solidness. He seems to be catching up weight wise to all three of his lady cousins.

David, aged 2 years: He calls minions "bee-doo's" as does his sister. He is so smart and yet can't quite master the business end of a horn.

Letteria, aged 4 years: Baby toys no more for this girl. She wants Barbies Barbies Barbies. They cook meals and sit down for dinner. They play house. She does their hair. And by that I mean totally screws it up which hurts my inner OCD.

Past weekly shots here.



  1. yay i'm glad david likes his minion i got him :) and all three looking gorg as usual. nothing new there! xo


  2. Look that these three...growing up left and right! Slow it down everyone!!

  3. precious babes!! m is the same with barbies! and all her dolls. total make believe land all the time.

  4. Adorable lot you two have. Also, I think David is looking a bit too grown here. :)

  5. The doll hair...yes, the worst. They should really make it in a way that it never tangles into a rat nest.

  6. hahaha that is so true, I know I will be the same way if/when I ever have a barbie playing girl...I already get a tiny bit pissed when Cruz messes up my lego creations that I work so hard on! =)

    Oh and I think chunky babes are just the best....my nephew Hudson is the sturdiest one I know and I just love taking in all the rolls...ahhh


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