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A photo of each of my brood, once a week, every week, of 2015.

Dominic, aged 7 weeks: Most people, myself included, can get him to crack a smile. So naturally that is all we try and do.

David, aged 2.5 years: A mysterious booboo threatens to interrupt his matchbox car playtime. He will tell you about it. And expect you to kiss it. 

Letteria, aged 4.5 years: After a parent teacher conference we decided to lock down the iPad with more educational apps. And headphones. Who let the A out?

Past weekly shots here.



  1. Letty looks sooooo old!!!!! what a little woman

  2. She makes the ipad look gigantic while at the same time looking like a teenager.

  3. Precious, precious! I have a giveaway going on! Make sure to check it out! :)

  4. Letty looks like she is in teenage status in that picture!! And headphones, I like that idea! Did you find some good apps, you know for educational purposes?

  5. what a great little smile!! and oh david, i hope your booboo is better! and i cannot believe letty is straight up 16 in that picture! gosh! it goes way too fast!!

  6. um when did letty turn into a teenager? i cannot. and david sweet david. and well of course dom. i love it.

  7. I can't believe how grown up Letty looks! Of course, both your little men are charming. :)

  8. Love these pic updates of your cute kiddos!! L looks like a teenager here!


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