where the older two met the younger one

I had just settled in to my fifteen minute chair massage when I heard Matt speaking from the hospital hallway, oh mommy is getting her massage. I hadn't realized they were coming so soon but told the massage therapist to just please let them in, my little family. Dominic was in his hospital grade bassinet and in walked the older two, looking as though they had grown a foot or two over night. Letty hugged me immediately while David ran around to peek at me through the face rest on the massage chair. Matt took them over to stare at the new baby. I'm sure they had very deep thoughts during those moments.

As soon as the massage was done Letty asked if she could hold Baby Dom-men-ick. She ran to wash her hands and removed her boots and climbed up onto the bed arms all ready to go. She is a natural. David was very interested in the trucks on Dom's swaddle and then that Mickey Mouse was on tv. But other than that he didn't think there was much to see here.

Letty didn't want to leave me, which always makes a mom feel good. David was running towards the door yelling bye baby Lena! Poor Dominic. Not even a day old and already getting confused with his female cousin. We have strides to make folks. Strides.

Once we brought Dominic home there was a little unrest. Not directed towards the baby, but towards us. General unrest brought on by a few days without their parents. Possibly a cold brewing as well.  More whiney-ness. More neediness. More hugs given and time outs handed out like candy. But Dominic himself just fit right in seamlessly. Just as we hoped he would.