three babies walked into a smorgasbord

And caused quite the stir. 

But before all that they spent some quality time with some New Yorkers. My uncle and his two boys traveled from far away from the great state of New York to spend the weekend with us. And atypical of them they even got up early to make the drive! We hung out in my parent's newly finished basement and drank wine and ate cold cut bread and he got to meet Dominic for the first time. He informed us cloning is illegal. My cousin played so well with both my older two and I greatly appreciate it. I mean, I did the time when he was a baby so it's only fair, yes? Dominic does this thing when my mother holds him... he moves himself around in such a way that he is in prime eating position. But poor boy. That shop is closed my dear. But it is still quite funny.

And then we took this very large dining party of 17 to a smorgasbord that we have all been frequenting most of our lives and most of my father's as well. All the humanity in the place was like oh look at the baby! And another baby! And ANOTHER baby?! One man even informed me his niece wanted to kiss the babies. To which I quietly silenced my inner are you effing kidding me with a oh I'm sorry sweetie how about you blow the babies a kiss? The germs. I was afraid of them.

After all the shrimp in the place was practically consumed by my brother and my uncle we headed out into the cold. Full of indigestion and stuffed to the gills. Another reason why my pants of choice are leggings. We had to head straight home because a certain four year old decided to get another fever and fall asleep on the way home. 

Thieves essential oil will be arriving at an Olsen Residence near you in the coming future. I'll try anything at this point.