new years eve with kids

I just want to have the creative chalkboard power of Little Baby Garvin. I truly do. In the meantime I follow her lead and just hope to one day be as awesome as she is in that department.

Anyways. New Year's Eve. What seems like a lifetime ago but really was only two weeks past. We always spend NYE with our neighbors. They are no longer our actual neighbors but they were kind enough to make the drive over hill and dale to come to our house armed with sleeping bags and pillows and a few mason jars of milk to celebrate the ending of the year. 

This year we had two very special guests for an hour or so, Matt's youngest brother and his girlfriend were in from Oregon and stopped by the meet the baby and share their Cards Against Humanity with us. Which we never played because we are old farts who go to bed early. But. Next time! 

We had a nice dinner. We put on a movie for the kids in their jammies. We made popcorn and opened up champagne. And we watched last year's ball drop and pretended it's this year's, which as you can see below, the kids were just super excited about. The night was calmer than most which was surprising, but that might be because I had a two week old and I was sleepy. Or because all the kids were either recovering from a bug or on the brink of getting a bug. But we rung in the New Year shortly before 10 p.m. and to bed we went.

I'll allow the coed sleepover. So long as there are chaperones. Forever and ever.

Last year's NYE here.



  1. have you ever played cards against humanity?.. so wrong, but so right! looks like fun. The day after NYE (we were terribly hungover and chasing our toddler) I told Dan that next year we need to do something more calm and family friendly. Toddler sleepover sounds awesome.

  2. I'm just mostly amazed that kids will sleep somewhere other gan the crib or bed. And like stay. I guess Aria will get there one day but it seems oh so foreign now. 10 though. You crazy animals. We actually made it to midnight this year. Not normally a priority. Happy new year!

  3. that is a perfect evening if you ask me!!! that little sleepover is the cutest thing. we didn't do aaaanything special for NYE this year, for the first time since we were like, teens, ha! this is the cutest!

  4. Adorable little kiddos! Don't feel bad. I have never played Cards Against Humanity either. At now I know I am not the only one. :)

  5. Sounds like a good night! Possibly would have been better with cards against humanity....just so funny!! But what a fun tradition with friends.

  6. Can someone please explain these cards to me?! Apparently everyone in the world has played them but me?!


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