new years day

Matt and I spent six hours this day de-Christmasing the house. Normally I wait until the following day to tackle this massive project but I had Matt to myself and nowhere to go till dinner so I jumped on it. Plus Matt was really willing to just do all the dirty work for me so one must take advantage. By dinnertime Christmas had fled the building and the two of us were left sore and tired, but content in the bare-ness of our home. Fresh year, fresh start, fresh house. Ecetera.

As in year's past we headed over to my sister's house for dinner, and what a spread it was. She is far braver in the kitchen than I shall ever be. As in, she cooks meat. I don't cook meat. Like ever. Nor do I really eat it but that's a whole other bag of issues.

We lined up all the babies and took more pictures (sick of this yet? I apologize for it will not stop. Ever.) I wore some of my new Christmas gifts, including a mother to my daughter bangle and a new charm for my boy Dom (also included for your viewing pleasure is a cracked and red hand from a helluva lot of hand washing dishes and well.. hands). We attempted a grandchild/grandparent shot and in my opinion, it was rather successful. And broken record here, reporting for duty, but Letty and David and well Dom too if we are being honest, were all sickly this day. Magic immunity pills anyone?

I have said this to many people, but it truly is amazing what can change in a year. For the worse sure, but in our case for so much the better. Last year at this time Beth was newly pregnant and feeling awful. Ashley and I were both wanting a baby but not quite there yet. We had just said another goodbye to a grandparent. Even the difference in my mother is stark. When you're in those moments of wanting or trials it may not seem like there's an end in sight... but looking back it all passed by rather quickly when you think of it. Life moves on and grows and makes those trials a distant memory. I think anyways. So I try and keep that in my back pocket. All days are fleeting. The good and the bad.   

Last year's New Year's Day here.