handy matty makes a pottery barn ladder. or two.

Laurie from Stylin' Savanna, sharer of name, love of Disney and of course Pottery Barn, posted a tutorial a few weeks back about a ladder. It is a lovely tutorial but it also gives many ideas for possible uses of said ladder. I used to be of the school of thought that ladders are a bit country. Country and I do not get along, just ask my mother. But then this Pottery Barn bug bit me and things have started changing. The lines are blurring. I have incorporated baskets, an antique suitcase and even one old crate into my decor. My mother is doing a happy dance I'm sure. This ladder was the next logical step. As Laurie pointed out, they can be used for just so many things. Displayer of blankets, pictures frames, plants, baskets, you name it.

So what did I do? Veruca Salt made her appearance and turned to her husband, Handy Matty, and said I want this now. I sent him her link. He took one look at it and deemed it done. And then while I was at it I figured hey. It's the season of giving. Why not make one for my best friend and neighbor love Stephanie as well, right?

And so he did. My Handy Matty

This was the original idea from Pottery Barn, clocking in at a hefty $179.


I realize that this may be tacky to discuss the cost of a gift but it's Stephanie and she knows all so. Each ladder cost Matt a little over $5. Now. The items I shall be needing in order to decorate it? Well now. That's just a whole other ball game. Like that blanket up there? One can always use more throws.

Cue Karen Carpenter singing "We've Only Just Begun..."