five [baby] firsts on a friday

All about that baby.

1| Boy's first tubby. Like most babies there was screaming involved. But he liked when I trickled water over his head? In the name of the Father.... oh wait.

2| David is starting to show interest in his new brother, and vice versa. Mostly they just stare at each other or David says awhhhh Dom!

3| Dominic's first visit to see my Grammy went well. It's our Monday tradition and we had taken a few weeks off for obvious reasons but when he was two weeks old we took him there to hang with her. David wanted to hold his brother for the first time. Lots of firsts happening for both my boys.

4| The almost first fauxhawk. The actual first fauxhawk was during delivery... Just the crown of his head was visible and the midwife saw fit to give him his first hairdo. Obviously photographic evidence of that is nonexistent, nor did I even witness it with my own eyes so... This one. First fauxhawk.

5| I set these two down together for a little hang out session. Lena wasn't too sure what was happening with all the yelling Dom was throwing out there but she really paid attention to him. And boy walked away with his first scratches. ;)

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