explain to me these five things...

Please explain to me...

1| How we have been driving Letty to school three times a week since September and yet every single day I have to think to myself... now when do we leave to drop her off? 8:45? Sometimes I even take it so far as to check the school's start time in the handbook. Before long I'll be using Google Maps to see how long it should take us to go from our house to the school.

2| How I constantly neglect to remember (that's fancy for forget) that Dominic requires a burp after every feeding, during the feeding, etc. I walk him around and around the first floor and think to myself, self, I guess he doesn't have to burp! I put him in his swing. I buckle him. I go pee or start to pump or what have you and sure enough the grunts and discord can be heard from the swing. Low and behold! Baby had to burp! And no post would be complete without the obligatory photo of Dominic.

3| How we have a constant black sock battle in this house. Black, no show, athletic socks. Women's socks. Matt and I have the same size feet, because I get them from my grandma and well, he is a hobbit. But with those feet of Frodo proportions comes the fatness of the hobbit feet as well. So when Matt goes to his sock drawer and he finds it empty he simply walks to my sock drawer and helps himself. Before you know it I have holes in my socks from the hobbit girth. We purchase socks multiple times a year. Multiple. It really is getting quite out of foot.

4| How come I have suddenly become someone who craves sugar. Craves Christmas Tree Cakes to be exact. And while we are on the subject please explain to me how come the local discount grocery store that always had them is suddenly out of stock of the Valentine's Day Cake counterpart?!

5| How I could write sentence after sentence about burping and not be ashamed of myself. Because I assure you, I most certainly am not. Burping is real.

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