dominic at one month

How can it be, right? He just graced us with his presence yesterday... But here we are, one month later, just the same. Time waits for no baby and his slightly emotional mother.

Health wise we get a nice big thumbs up. He regained his birth weight by two weeks old and then some (okay double what he was expected to gain but hey, I'm a lover of fat babies so you hear no complaints from me). Packing on ounces like a prize fighter. Thumbs up.

He eats... a lot. Not during the day per se but come dinner time for the adults it's chow time for the baby. Pretty much off and on until he falls asleep around 9-10.

He sleeps... a lot. During the night he wakes once normally around 3 for a feeding before falling back asleep again until morning. Sometimes he goes for 5-6 hours stretches and we even had a sleep through the night night. I know that these nights are random and hit or miss but even once is a major success in my book. Right now we still keep him in his swing and we take turns sleeping downstairs in the living room. Why? Because one, he cries loudly during diaper changes and we fear our older children and two, he's been quite congested and nasally sounding so we figure an inclined sleep is a bit of a help till he's all normal.

Likes... Milk. Sleep. Swing time. Checking out his surroundings like Ray Charles. Crossing his eyes. 

Dislikes... Burping. Smiling. Being naked. 

His siblings have been staying away from him out of fear of me. They have both been sick pretty much since his arrival. I feel as though as soon as I allow them to hold him or touch him they will come down with something right away like the bubonic plague. Not the baby's fault of course but it just goes to show you, you let your guard down for one second in this game and someone is bound to get hurt. Hand sanitizer. In bulk. And my hands have never been more cracked.

So happy one month birthday big guy! Every milestone will merit sadness from me from here on out. I suppose we all best just get used to it.