On the chalkboard: I love this song. David loves this song. He finds it on YouTube somehow and I kinda love that. So with absolutely nothing as my guide I made this. Maybe my handwriting is starting to improve?

Reading: I have a million other books I want to read. Including this one by Dayna's husband, which I must say I am quite looking forward to. But I am so deep in this world of Claire and Jamie I have to finish what I started. A Breath of Snow and Ashes is the sixth in the series - I am getting there! I still have some time before Outlander returns to Starz in April. 

Watching with Matt: The Other Woman. I find this hysterical. Leslie Mann and Cameron Diaz make such a great pair. And Matt enjoys looking at Kate Upton. Running. On a beach.
Eating: I have a problem. Since having Dom I have been trying to be healthier, mainly not stuffing five Christmas tree cakes a day into my mouth. But! I have never wanted sweets more. I swear there is legit crack in those cakes. In the mean time I grab a spoonful of PB every time I walk past the pantry. Maybe it's nursing. Or maybe it's the cakes. Blame the cakes. 

Drinking: Just like every parent of a newborn, coffee is how we survive. Lots and lots of coffee. And mine is just in my fun new monogrammed mug. 

Planning: Sigh. Legos. The kids got a half a dozen sets between the two of them for Christmas. How does one organize them? I have a plan (hence the 'planning'). I found a table at Target that we will upgrade for this purpose. And put it in the basement. Out of sight out of mind. As it should be. 

Thinking about: This is a conundrum. David sleeps sooo very well. I mean. Perfectly. He's still in his crib. And I know eventually I will need to think about potty training. And well how does one get out of your crib to pee? Letty started climbing out of hers when David was born but he has not done that even though I feared it. So eventually a move needs to be made. His crib converts to a toddler bed or a full sized. Do we bite the bullet and just go big or go home? Or leave him in there till kindergarten? He really doesn't like change very much. Very stuck in his ways that boy. But he is outgrowing it a wee bit. 

Watching on the treadmill: All the things. And I should probably change this to watching on the treadmill/elliptial but alas. Here I am. Sometimes I read on the elliptical too. I've caught up on all I missed whilst taking my postpartum break.  Once Upon a Time, The Vampire Diaries, Revenge and The Good Wife. All shows Matt could care less about and so are saved for my morning work out time.

As I type this: Oprah calls it "multi-tasking". Feeding a baby. Burping a baby. Blogging. Cuddling with a sleeping baby, etc.

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  1. Legos, blocks, ugh. Who invented those anyways?! Toris blocks are aLL OVER the house.. I try to make it fun to like, clean them up and put them back in their bag.. and she gets really into it and then boom, bag is flipped over and the blocks are everywhere. again. I had the same questions about the crib situation. I don't have a newborn yet to feel the pressure of the switch but I bet david will be fine. I think sleepers are just sleepers.. maybe he wont even notice? :)

  2. I have a lovely solution for Legos. Use an age appropriate sized table and attach baskets under the table top so they just slide out and you can wipe the Legos off the table and into the drawers.

    I'm fairly certain Ikea has already brought my concept to fruition but I needed to share my two cents.

  3. Peanut butter is a life staple here. I am pretty sure I would die if I had to go a day without it. The worst part is that I convinced myself to switch to the organic stuff since I'm loving on it so much. NOT as good but I feel a little less guilty about it. ;)

  4. I totally laughed about the peanut butter, breast feeding appetite is no joke!! And I have nightmares about legos, the boys have a lego table but it doesn't seem to help with all 200+ pieces still being on the floor at some point.

  5. So I'm not the only one hooked to "Once Upon A Time"! Good luck with that lego situation :)

  6. i enjoy the fact there are corresponding photos for all these. we need to catch up on OUAT. and the other woman? i've seen it a bunch of times already and still love it. hilarious and then some. also i want cameron's apartment in that movie. please and thank you.

  7. ps with the legos - after we would play with the set for a little - to the rubbermaid large tub they all went. then we created new things. good idea for putting all that crap together.

  8. Chalkboard. Nailed it. Is the sixth the last one in the series currently? I've been meaning to watch The Other Woman. Kate Upton went to my high school, her sister was in my grade. Her dad scared the shit out of me. The sister and I were on the tennis team together, doubles. And, that is my claim to fame.
    change peanut butter for almond butter and ditto!

  9. ahhhh you are doing SO GREAT with your jamie and claire!!!!! it's a good thing i've already read them because i am sucking at it!! thaaat's what i get for falling asleep too early! and your chalkboard looks so great!

  10. Girl...sooo I just posted about our new lego table (topper) but hey I feel it has organized our Legos better than anything before it, because virtually we own right now is on it! Plus we got super cute, stackable Lego containers on Zulily. I'm planning to get more - I don't think they are on Z any more, but I know they are out there. =)

  11. Nick is 11 and we've been through many many years of legos and organizing them, failed attempts mostly. But our current system works pretty well.I invested in one of those actual lego storage containers with the different bins, he's also had a lego table for years but is pretty much grown out of it now so I will have to come up with another solution. He has a big bin where all the misc. legos go, he's never been one on actually building the sets, but instead building different things with the sets.. and then we have the storage containers for the kits and directions.I'll send you a picture;)


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