On the chalkboard: I love this song. David loves this song. He finds it on YouTube somehow and I kinda love that. So with absolutely nothing as my guide I made this. Maybe my handwriting is starting to improve?

Reading: I have a million other books I want to read. Including this one by Dayna's husband, which I must say I am quite looking forward to. But I am so deep in this world of Claire and Jamie I have to finish what I started. A Breath of Snow and Ashes is the sixth in the series - I am getting there! I still have some time before Outlander returns to Starz in April. 

Watching with Matt: The Other Woman. I find this hysterical. Leslie Mann and Cameron Diaz make such a great pair. And Matt enjoys looking at Kate Upton. Running. On a beach.
Eating: I have a problem. Since having Dom I have been trying to be healthier, mainly not stuffing five Christmas tree cakes a day into my mouth. But! I have never wanted sweets more. I swear there is legit crack in those cakes. In the mean time I grab a spoonful of PB every time I walk past the pantry. Maybe it's nursing. Or maybe it's the cakes. Blame the cakes. 

Drinking: Just like every parent of a newborn, coffee is how we survive. Lots and lots of coffee. And mine is just in my fun new monogrammed mug. 

Planning: Sigh. Legos. The kids got a half a dozen sets between the two of them for Christmas. How does one organize them? I have a plan (hence the 'planning'). I found a table at Target that we will upgrade for this purpose. And put it in the basement. Out of sight out of mind. As it should be. 

Thinking about: This is a conundrum. David sleeps sooo very well. I mean. Perfectly. He's still in his crib. And I know eventually I will need to think about potty training. And well how does one get out of your crib to pee? Letty started climbing out of hers when David was born but he has not done that even though I feared it. So eventually a move needs to be made. His crib converts to a toddler bed or a full sized. Do we bite the bullet and just go big or go home? Or leave him in there till kindergarten? He really doesn't like change very much. Very stuck in his ways that boy. But he is outgrowing it a wee bit. 

Watching on the treadmill: All the things. And I should probably change this to watching on the treadmill/elliptial but alas. Here I am. Sometimes I read on the elliptical too. I've caught up on all I missed whilst taking my postpartum break.  Once Upon a Time, The Vampire Diaries, Revenge and The Good Wife. All shows Matt could care less about and so are saved for my morning work out time.

As I type this: Oprah calls it "multi-tasking". Feeding a baby. Burping a baby. Blogging. Cuddling with a sleeping baby, etc.

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