christmas morn

Note to self for next year? Do not allow Matt to awaken children. This really turned into an epic mistake. They needed to make up for the lost sleep, they truly did. But he was excited and I suppose I would have been too had I not been sleeping. But that's neither here nor there. The kids were up. The presents were opened!

Letty got Barbies and assorted kitchen accessories for her Barbie. She got her Anna cape that she has wanted for months and months which let me just tell you is not an Anna cape at all but hey she is four and didn't notice. She got legos as well and assorted stocking stuffers with more Frozen items.

David got a TrackMaster Train which, score. He got legos as well and a slide that is slowly ruining our lives. The kids cannot be trusted to utilize the slide as a slide should be utilized. It may need to go away for awhile. He got a Planes set too which I can't wait to find hidden in my couch cushions. He wanted absolutely nothing to do with his stocking, see first paragraph.

And then I started to panic that we should have bought a bigger house solely for toy storage. The panic only lasted about an hour.

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