christmas eve cocktail party

I've said it once and I'll say it again, the biggest show in town as far as Christmas goes in our family is Christmas Eve. Always has been and I figure it always will. This was my parent's fourth Christmas Eve Cocktail Party and it brought quite the turnout. I think having the finished basement, aka the children's playground, was an enticement for quite a few parents of youngsters. The antiques upstairs can normally frighten them away.

Soups, drinks, and desserts, that's the deal. Lots of friends and neighbors and family and it's just a drop in and say hello kind of thing. The kids were partying it up downstairs and those without young kids were partying it up upstairs. It worked. And hey! I only had about three different people inform me that I would be busy. Or have my hands full. Only three!
That handsome little outfit on a newborn boy below was courtesy of my parents. Every little boy needs a Christmas outfit.

We got home quite late, 11 pm to be exact. Just enough time to set out cookies and carrots and milk for Santa and his team. We said a quick goodbye to Cornelius, read The Polar Express, and sent the kids to bed before bringing up bag after bag of presents for under the tree. I mean Santa did that. All of that.


And that is when we said Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night! Just kidding. We have a newborn. We were up at least another hour. BUT! He did decide to sleep another six after that sooo... Santa? He deserves extra goodies next year when he sort of knows what's going on.

Last year's Christmas Eve Party here.