a parade of visitors comes to see dom

We are a lucky bunch. Those few hours in the hospital are my very least favorite. But what makes them so much better is the visitor after visitor that comes in to ooh and ahh and break up the time. We had quite our share. Here they all are... our parade of loved ones meeting Dominic for the very first time. He's so loved already.

What a great support system we have. Just the luckiest.



  1. Look at all of Dom's hair so early on...love it! And I agree that the support system gets us through it for sure. =)

  2. So many precious moments to cherish!

  3. Oh my goodness, so much love! How fun to have so many visits to pass the time in the hospital.

  4. I love it. Since Aria was whisked off to the NICU when we had the hopsital visitors it was like hi how's it going...baby is like two floors down...let me tell you about how much labor sucks.


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