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a newborn photo shoot


My sister-in-law kindly offered to do a newborn photo shoot for us a few weeks back. I love having photos of my kids taken, but I wasn't going to ask anyone to do such a thing around the holidays and with everyone having kids and messes of their own so I had chalked this one up as lost. But when she offered I said yes, please and thank you! I would love to!

I dragged out a 30 year old blanket given to my mother by my grandma and then on to me and I spread it out over our bed under the watchful eyes of past generations of family on their wedding days... which I have to admit is kind of perfect in a hundred different ways. The old... the new... All because two people fell in love. That was a quote I used to have above our bed in our old home. Look at how the family has grown and what it has morphed in to. Another generation....

Narrowing down photos for a post such as this is near impossible but I attempted, somewhat. As always thank you so very much Ashley! If anyone is local or sort of local check out Wishbone Photography!



  1. These turned out sooo cute!!! As soon as I saw them I thought they were some of Ashleys best work :) cute cute cute

  2. Oh my goodness, I just ADORE these in the home shoots. Gorgeous. Love them all!

  3. All of these...so good! I totally can't wait for the newborn stage again, this made me super anxious!!

  4. i really love these. ash is so talented!

  5. Best photos ever! I love them. I'd have a hard time narrowing them down too. Those smiles 3rd down..or 4th. Around there. Perfection.

  6. ahhh these are gorgeous!! the sweetest family!! and seriously i want to eat that baby UP!! he is delicious. those little arms crossed like he knows he's a tiny man already. i love seeing all your babies together, too!! they look so happy and natural! like there were always three of them! and love the blanket, of course, so sentimental and perfect.

  7. These are precious. Love them. Love the blanket history and such as well. :)


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