a little bit of lately

Happy happy New Years!! Cheers to a great 2015 yes?

Beyond the Christmas activities upon Christmas activities bombarding you here as of late what our days are actually looking like is and has been quite different. And so, today I am taking a little break from regularly scheduled programming to catch anyone reading up to date on life as I know it. Newborn photo shoots being part of our daily lives of course. Ahem. Sarcasm. 

We are trying to stay in as much as possible. Protecting ourselves from germs, sure, but also to just be for awhile. Letty has been off of school for break... and Matt has been popping in and out checking on us as often as he can. Between these holidays and days off I'm not even sure what day of the week we are looking at. Which for the first time is okay with me.

I try and give the bigger kids a semblance of normalcy, making beds and getting dressed for the day and brushing teeth, etc. It may take me a bit longer than a few weeks ago but I think it gives us all a sense of normal. A sense of oh yes well not much has changed here. Until that is you happen to notice the baby. That little wonderful love bug of a baby.

We are at a point where I can say he consistently only wakes once at night for a feeding. Maybe boys are just easier than girls or maybe Letteria just blew us out of the water but I am tending towards enjoying my chill baby boys better. A little bit. The bigger kids must be recovering from the past few weeks because even they sleep better than usual, David even letting the sun beat him each day.

I'm sure I'm annoying about 95% of new parents out there but I must say it. We lucked out with this one. Maybe since the universe made us go through so much to get him we are being rewarded with a good infant stage? Let's allow that karma to just float around and sink in and we'll be good.

Physically I feel like I am finally settling into my own skin again. The first week was quite uncomfortable, plagued with all sorts of annoyances and topped with a cold and a bout of mastitis. The dream of plopping myself down on the floor to play with the big kids doesn't seem like a distant memory, but a soon to be reality. Those very same big kids love their baby brother, they just don't have the kindest of feelings for their mother at times. Patience is wearing thin and I'm trying my best, morale is improving daily.

And so for now I am focusing on my last little baby and soaking up every single hour where I get to be his mama and smell his newborn baby smells.Why do babies smell so good? Marinate in it Laur. These days... they be fleeting.

Photos courtesy of my sister-in-law at Wishbone Photography... the rest from the shoot will be coming along shortly.