Last year my Grammy allowed a celebration of sorts for her 90th birthday, which as we all know is a really big deal of epic proportions. To be 90. This year however, she informed us all that any birthdays after 90 should just be ignored. While we respected her wishes to a certain extent we simply could not ignore it completely. And I secretly think that she didn't want us to. She asked why there was no candle on her cupcake. Now does that sound like someone who wants a birthday ignored? Why no. It does not.

My sister and Lena, my mother, and myself and the kids all took upon her house on her birthday armed with diaper bags, baby carriers, flowers and cupcakes to give her somewhat of a celebration. She said she spent over an hour on the phone earlier that day with a friend from her past who has twenty-two great-grandchildren. Could you imagine she said? Twenty-two?! She has enough difficulty remembering the names of the eight great-grandchildren she has got. For example, she remembers Dominic's name by thinking of pizza and she calls him Domino. I think at 91 you are entitled to call your great-grandchildren just whatever you would like.

She hates having her photo taken so naturally we all made her pose with her great-grandchildren in attendance because when it is one's birthday you get to do exactly what you want right?

She may have succeeded in no party this year. But let me tell you. I won't take no for an answer when it comes time for her 95th. I'm going to insist upon a large party. Rightfully so.