when things go not as we thought. a christmas tale.

I had all these ideas for this past Sunday. All kinds of plans. And just as luck would have it these plans didn't really quite go as I imagined. The rain had stopped and for that I was thankful. Dominic was inside so the plans could go on... And on. First on deck was the Railroad Station in Manheim and their Christmas thing complete with string music. Then was a Live Nativity. And then the Christmas Tree Lighting in the Manheim square. I wanted to push it to a fourth plan but my mother warned that we would most likely get a flat tire on the way there... So three it was. 

The Railroad Station promised tantalizing food, a miniature train set, music, and a photo op. My mother's best friend's daughter was playing the violin and David loves trains. Sounded fun! The photo op was sort of cute... And I tried not to think of the germs spread through those cloth faux carrot noses. My sister and Lena joined us as well. The middle schoolers played first and that sort of cut into the time we got to watch who we came to watch. But Lena and David really enjoyed the music, David clapping after every song and saying good job! in that special way that he does. Miss Yiota bought Letty a hot chocolate... But that train set? It was broken. David was not a happy little man.

Then. The Live Nativity. The only one I have ever been to is later this month on my sister's birthday and so therefore not going to happen. We found this one, a new one, and decided to give it a whirl. Matt's worst fears came to fruition. It was awkward. And small. And uncomfortable. And they said the word circumcision. We sort of snuck out then. Citing cold weather. I applaud their effort, I really do. But we live in the middle of farm land. We are known for our agriculture. I had sort of promised some children there would be an-e-mulls. How hard can it be to rustle up a cow? I bet I could if I tried.

I had the group hostage in the van and headed directly for the Tree Lighting, which of course had already occurred, but the festivities were still continuing. Cute little girls dancing. A fire truck. Santa. The kids got some candy and a super cold orange. But it was just kind of eh. Eh all night long. And here I had such great plans for this Sunday.

These kids of mine. I think they have seen Santa more in one week than I did in the entirety of the years 1987-1990.