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walking in a (dutch) winter wonderland


This is the season pass that never ends. And here it is, barely past the first week of December and we have already frequented Winter Wonderland twice. The first visit the weather was generally warmish, we had a spare hour and the ticking time bomb named Dominic seemed to be standing down, so I dragged them all there, my three people. We had the place to ourselves and the lights glowing in our eyes. As usual Letty had started coming down with something and was a tad prickly... but David? Oh those lights are boo-ee-ful! Every time he sees a house lit up, or even a town square, he starts to clap and yells: good job dad-dy!!! Matt was quite the busy little elf this holiday season, all those lights. Every ride he went on he said: that was fun! I think he enjoyed the freedom of being without a stroller. He also enjoyed roaring at the Santa-clad dinos.

The second visit was with my parents on a cold and busy Saturday night. My mom. As you may have guessed, she likes the Christmas lights as well. All of us fought through the holiday weekend visitors and bargain shoppers towards the worst place to be this time of year, Route 30. We started off with an incredibly tasty and salty dinner at Red Robin, which is where my sister and her little family left us for warmer pastures. 

The kids enjoyed showing off their stomping ground and going on rides with Nonna and Poppop. Especially the horses (carousel). David enjoyed taking Poppop to each and every dino on Exploration Island, as long as he was sure that we do NOT touch. Letty wanted Nonna to say the words on every sign about each dino, say, not read. At one point I really threw David off his routine when I wouldn't allow him to travel directly from the trains to the planes. We had to wait for his sister. This was not according to the general routine and schedule and so necessitated a tantrum ending with laying on the ground. A "lay-in" if you will, until conditions improved. We (and my we I mean my parents and I. I'm pretty sure the kids could have cared less and Matt was on David duty as he is at flight risk) watched the light show that they run every fifteen minutes. Letty attempted to catch faux snowflakes on her tongue....and then we rounded out the night with some hot cocoa topped with whipped cream. And straight to bed, I said.

And yes. Both kids were sickly that night. I tend to (read: always) push my kids when I should just leave them at home. In my defense this time, I have a very strict schedule to keep should I want to get all festive activities done prior to a certain someone's arrival. Dominic, not Santa. 

I think it's safe to say, DW, that this was our last visit for the year. You've been good to us. We will miss you. But we will be back. All five of us. Heaven help us all.



  1. love the carousel. and i'm sorry but the photo of david on the ground makes me chuckle. bc maybe after the fact it's funny? :) can't wait for baby to come!

  2. You and D growling...too cute. Also, I have a LOT of the same pic of Tori during temper tantrum time. It doesn't matter where we are or what she will be laying on, that happens lol. I try so hard not to laugh. I thought by your third child all you have to do is like, a jumping jack and they fall out? LOL!!!!!!!

  3. Love the picture of you and David! Next year will be fun with three little ones. Sorry I was laughing while I typed that. LOL ;)

  4. Aria informed me that you guys are a 'mama dada' when she saw your sidebar pic. She is aware. So fun that you have something festive so close. Lights and rides and cocoa all sounds excellent! Cocoa sounds good now....in fact.

  5. So CUTE!!!! You guys are awesome parents!!

  6. so fun!!! and those hot beverages look amaaaze!!

  7. "A lay in"! Baaahahaha! And where can I get me a pterodactyl in a Santa Suit because I may perish without one.

  8. Yes, to all of this. I will get myself there one day. I am also trying not to chuckle about the "lay in". :)

  9. loving the kids winter hats! and the close up picture of David with his bottom lip sticking out...Sydney's got that look mastered, too haha


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