trovato cookie baking

Cookie day. A day my mother always dreads and my sister and I always love. I eat a lot of dough. We get our hands dirty. It's mayhem with children and music and other crazy noise. This particular cookie day was scheduled for the afternoon following Letty's preschool Christmas Program. Matt was spared the mayhem and took David home for naps while I kept hold of Dominic and an ever sick by the moment Letty. True to form that one.

My mom decided to control the situation by only preparing for two different cookies to be made. These sugar cookies as well as the Spritz cookies. Both of which have almond extract and I mean hello. Almond extract. For the recipes just follow the links. The sugar cookies were new to us, and the recipe called for rolling out between parchment and then refrigerating for some time. The Spritz cookies I pretty much find an excuse to make any time of year. 

We did lots of lining up of babies and just overall oohing and aahing over all the new life in the family. It's been a pretty great year for us and that's most appreciated. The past two cookie days have had a little bit of a cloud over them. But this year! Babies! How much fun it will be to watch these three grow together. Not that I'm rushing things. Because I would most certainly utilize a pause button should I be able to find one.

Isn't Dominic's outfit just the best? My sister had her eye on that at Target and oh so patiently waitied until we were certain he would arrive prior to Christmas before she snatched it up. So thank you Aunt Beth! For that and a zillion and a half other things you've been doing for us along the way. Oh and most of these shots were taken by my sister-in-law. She's good with a camera that one, even a camera as subpar as mine.

Sometime between the sugar cookies and the Spritz cookies Letty started to cry and complain of ear pain and so I whisked her away to the pediatrician for yet another prescription for a varying antibiotic. This girl and her double ear infections. Going on lucky number four for the year. As long as get it over with prior to Christmas. 

Last year's baking day here.