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santa's paradise express


I've been wanting to visit Strasburg Railroad at Christmas for a very long time and after some convincing 2014 proved to be my year. I could only convince my mother, never my husband. But it is one small victory for mom kind. The train was Santa's Paradise Express. Sort of like Polar, minus the dancing hot chocolate bearers.
We had some victories and we had some losses. Baby Watch was on standby and the weather was warmish. However, the clouds were weeping. Cats. Dogs. Reindeer. It was wet. But on the flip side the crowds weren't there. Small victories.

We had time after picking up our tickets for the kids to write letters to Santa in a nice toasty room with Mrs. Claus watching on. David wouldn't wear his hood nor would he hide under the umbrella so he was quite moist. Maybe Santa will bring him wellies for Christmas this year.

Now I'm no train aficionado but we had the pleasure of watching the engine "attach" itself to the train car we would be riding in. This was spectacular. There was steam and whistles blowing and coal being shoveled and hey. David loves trains. 

On the coach car we went, where it was super warm courtesy of the potbelly stove. There were musicians and carolers. Then there of course was ️Santa who posed for pictures and handed out a little present for each kid. A slinky. It was cozy and festive and old fashioned and wonderful. Forty-five minutes of holiday goodness. 

Except I didn't get the hot cocoa or sugar cookie I expected. But hey. Next year I'll just bring my own. 



  1. oh, how exciting! The little ones look as happy as one can be! This Santa train looks so fun, I would love to do that!
    Life is so much prettier with Christmas lights.. :)

  2. OMG David's face haha he is adorable and looks so happy!

  3. well that looks just lovely! and davids face in the photo with you is too funny. that poor wet child. why must they do that to themselves :) looks gorg there though

  4. ahhh ok that looks like the best!! i don't think we have one of these here but i keep reading of doing this!!! must find a christmas train asap!!!!

  5. How fun!!! They do something like that here in Anchorage, but we are incredibly undecided if all three of our little cherubs would sit through a whole train ride. But the month is young....we may get crazy!

  6. Moist. Will I ever stop giggling when I hear it? Also, Santa hanging over David and Letty? I die. And man I know I keep saying it but David and those *faces*. Adorable.

  7. old fashioned Christmas fun! I love it. That is an intense cheese coming from that David in the middle somewhere. I'm bummed about no cocoa for you though. You'd think that would be a given! What a fun meet and greet with Santa.

  8. This is such a cool Christmastime outing. Would of been perfect with hot chocolate and a cookie! :)

  9. That train with santa and mrs claus is just amazing! except the part where santa is lean over the back of the seat...with that odd look on his face. what is that about?! =)

  10. I can't get over how much David looks like Matt, Steve, and Dan all wrapped up into one little boy. It's crazy! His expressions are hilarious...and I love the look on the kids faces with Santa behind them. They look so proud :)


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