polar express party, another year older.

A night with some good peoples... pajamas... hot chocolate, popcorn and a movie. Winner winner right? And as always with these sorts of things I think it's better in my head than in real life. The kids only enjoyed the movie for about half of it before losing interest completely and starting in with their toddler/preschool olympics racing around the basement. But I suppose it is a minor victory that we even got about half of the movie out of them? They've seen it too often I'm sure.

This year we had the addition of my niece and I'm sure she totally appreciated her Polar Express ticket. She was the calmest of the bunch (surprise surprise). My sister made a banging napoleon which I kind of want for every birthday of mine from here on out. Yum. She won't believe me but the dish was scraped clean by the end of the night. The  Fitzs got some baby holding under their belt (baby whisperers, those two). For the adults I would say we had a great night. And by the late wake up hour the following morning (8 am for David) I am figuring he would agree with me as well.

Also? Matching jams for the win.

Maybe it was a full moon? Let's go with that.

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