ornaments of the sled variety

My mom has four sled ornaments. Each hand crafted and hung with care each Christmas. Four sleds. Four kids. And most certainly not made from Popsicle sticks. I wanted to make these sleds for her with her grandchildren's names. Being the crafty type I took to Pinterest and found the general idea and took off running, making nine of them. Jump right in I always say. 

7 Popsicle sticks per sled
Paint, acrylic 
Tacky glue or a hot glue gun 
Wire cutters 
Wine (necessity)

I envisioned the cutting of the sticks to be a difficult matter, but it was not. I suppose if one was feeling fancy sand paper could have been used to smooth the edges but I kind of like the rough rustic look of the finished products. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

So cut the sticks like so. I did all nine sleds worth at once. 

Lay them out as pictured below and then glue on the sticks you cut in half. This is the bottom of the sled. Keep scrolling, the pictures help matters.

I need an assembly line. 

Let it dry. 

Then I flipped the sled and added the top piece. Same thing. Glue and dry. 

After that was good and dry and I was cursing tacky glue religiously I decided to bring in the big guns. The glue gun to be exact. Flip over your sled once again and hot glue the bottom pieces. The "rails" if you will. Also note I am an awfully messy glue gunner.

Once dry, paint. I did the bottom first and you'll see why. 

I painted the top and shook glitter (snow) on top prior to drying. 

White is for girls. Red is for boys. The boys don't get as much glitter (snow). 

More tacky glue. More cursing. More going back to my craft cabinet (because I totally have one, I really do) for the glue gun. I cut twine. Glued it on the back. Wala. Ornament!

I had to add the names. Which sucked. I took a toothpick with a tiny bit of paint and screwed up practically every one. Writing on glitter is hard. And yeah. I would probably opt to purchase a fine point pen next time. Sorry mom. 

Of course while making them I made some for myself because. Tradition.