letty's christmas program

This Christmas program... from the moment I learned of the date I made it my goal to be there. The thought of missing it sort of plagued me from September on. After I saw her Thanksgiving program I about cried thinking of missing this. So I was over the moon that I was able to go. Me with my little bundle now on the outside, just a short four days old.

As per usual I had been asking Letty for weeks what she was going to be in the program. I heard all sorts of tall tales. A goose. A bell ringer on a carpet. An angel. She was none of these things, as she was a gift. As in, brought by the wise men. I was also happy to see that her fellow gift was her very best friend at school, Leah.

Lots of family came to watch the show, not just our family of five. My parents, sister and Lena, my sister-in-law, and Matt's Aunt Sue all came from far and wide. 

They started by reading the Christmas Story, and each child entered the church as their part was described. Here are the two cutest gifts I ever did see.

The whole group sang Away in a Manger (with hand motions!) that even Letty participated in.

The costumes were removed and a few more songs were sung, including Jingle Bells, complete with bells. Which is where I figure Letty got the whole bell on a carpet thing. They rounded out the show with the birthday song in honor of Jesus.

After the show we were all invited back for cookies made by the preschoolers themselves. Then the kids could take us into their classroom and give everyone a tour. This made Letty most excited. Even David enjoyed checking out her room. He is going to love school. I just know it. He chased after Letty and her friends and just had no qualms whatsoever about walking up to strange girls and joining in with their play. This bodes well for the future.

It was hectic. It was loud. It was adorable. She is quite the little social butterfly now and I am very happy to see that. How much can change and how quickly. All the family stood back and became second string to her friends. Something all of us weren't quite prepared for. Yet.