introducing a new sibling, some thoughts.

I am basing this solely off of our one experience when David was born, and it is exactly what we are going to do this time around. If it ain't broke, don't fix it, yes?

A few weeks out from the due date I would go over the drill with Letty each night before bed. I would explain that she may wake up to find Nonna there and that is okay because that means mommy is having the baby, etc. I would ask her to repeat it back to me so she understood. She was only two then and she got it just fine. So that's the plan for David. Letty could be at school when we mysteriously disappear into the void that is a hospital this time around so I plan on prepping her the same way. She may walk to the door at school and not see my van but see Nonna's red car, and that means that the baby is coming. Since we went the induction route this time it's so much easier to prep. Five sleeps till baby brother arrives, etc.

We try and keep their nighttime routine as normal as possible. Obviously if I am laboring over this time of day then this would go out the window. But if possible, Matt will go home around and give them their tubbies, put them in their pajamas, read them their bedtime stories and make sure they are sound asleep. He will probably also use this time to feel human again and do marvelous things like shower. Then he will leave them safely under the supervision of their Nonna and head back in to deal with me and mine.

Nonna will bring them into the hospital to meet the little wonder. My arms will be wide open for hugs and love, which I am sure they will not be interested in. I was quite surprised how Letty viewed me that first visit. It was like I had betrayed her. And I was in a strange place and people were making a big deal out of it all. But my goal is to look as normal as possible and to be available for cuddling, because I cry when I leave my kids. I just do. My mom, having done this three times, was smart enough to purchase a balloon that Letty could "give" David. I think that helped... Mother's always know best yes?

I hate being away from my kids. I hate the unknown of when it will happen or even how long I will be gone. When I'm in the hospital I try so hard to escape from Shawshank, asking every passing nurse when discharge is and can I please get out early as I have a child at home. I have been known to even tap my foot impatiently and stare out the door with a glare. It's just not where I want to be. I want to get home and get back to normal life, just slightly altered with this new human. 

We are so lucky to have my mother and other assorted family members so close by, it makes this whole transition seamless and worry-free. For those of you who do not have family near by I don't know how you do it... but I do know I respect you a whole lot. And I kind of want to hug you really hard.

But after all is said and done and you're home and settled... the older ones will love the younger ones. And possibly try to eat their face.



  1. at first i was wonder how and WHY you would have blogged between last night and this morning but alas - my fears were contained. but this is still a great blog post. and little letty! just stop. i mean she's just so darn cute. well your whole family is whatever. and again CONGRATS on baby dom! xo

  2. Ok so this made me tear up a little. Siblings are the best, such an amazing, unbreakable bond. I cant wait to have this experience with Tori one day! Congrats again! Cant wait to hear all about the birth story.

  3. Well, babies are quite tasty....Letty knows what is up. I can't imagine having another anytime soon. Maybe that is just the chaos of Christmas talking and all my lists yelling at me though.

  4. Damn, you two make cute babies! Hope everything went well introducing Dom!

  5. I was completely the same way with Savanna. Especially when they had to keep me on hospital bed rest for a week. I was DYING and basically crying to the doctor to let me PLEASE go home. I hate things when they are out of the normal. I want things to be the same. Basically always.

    I'm sure Letty and David will be AMAZING big brothers/sisters. You have such a beautiful perfect family and I'm always admiring. :)

  6. i love these sweet pics so much!! you can totally see what you're describing in letty's little face. she's so innocently like whaaat is going on, you are MY mommy! seems like she and sweet david came through it just fine and adorably!!! gives me hope for my future firstborn lady!! ;)


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