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hospital bag packing lists | once upon a third time around


My neurotic and anxious nature comes quite in handy when packing for a few days away from home... but I also don't want to bring crap I won't need. This is just a temporary layover on the way to Normal Town and I don't want to pack and therefore unpack more things. I don't actually want to be in the hospital. And with Matt running home every day it makes life much easier don't we think?

Does it go without saying to have the car seat installed? I thought so but then again.... maybe not. So here is what I'll be bringing in to the hospital with me this time around. Otherwise known as little as possible.



  1. well this list is comprehensive but not too much. i dig it father. I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE THAT BEAUTIFUL BOY. had to be in all caps sorry :) xo

  2. "Large old undies" hahaha... this is so TMI but I must admit that after birth I didn't retire those bad boys for awhile. One forgets how comfy they are. Sorry Dan.
    Good Luck! Dominic, if you are reading this, be easy on Mom!

  3. Looks like you're definitely prepared with as little as possible (aka the necessities). Love your list including the Large old undies lol

  4. large old is so damn glamorous.

  5. Short and sweet and to the point. I wish I had this quality...but I am and always will be an overpacker. God forbid I don't have 12 pairs of sweatpants =)

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