diy glitter sheet music ornaments

I am a really big fan of the old book sheets or music sheets anything. I've seen these ornaments or balls or even candles floating around Pinterest for awhile now and our annual ornament making night was the perfect time to attempt it. We needed a successful ornament. It's been a few years of duds. This one was no dud.

You need old sheet music, in this case Christmas carols, or an old book. One you obviously don't mind destroying. My mom had a caroling pamphlet from 1960 that she was willing to let us ruin and ruin we did. 

Ripped or cut paper in 1/2 inch by 2 inch pieces (we used about 1.5 sheets of music per ornament)
Glass or plastic ornament (topper removed)
Mod Podge, plain and glitter
Foam brushes

The smaller pieces of paper seem to lay flatter so keep that in mind. I spread some Mod Podge on the ball first and then laid the pieces perpendicular from the "hole" of the ornament around the entire circumference. Then I just filled in and repeated the process down the entire ball, covering each sheet with more Mod Podge as I went. Once I sufficiently covered the entire ball I coated it again with the Mod Podge. Once that dried I did a coat of the glitter Mod Podge. How many times can I say Mod Podge in a sentence?
My mom and I.... can you tell we are related? And we take our crafting quite seriously? My sister-in-law took over camera duties which I am forever grateful for, although being a bit sticky fingered myself I got no photos of her crafting. Apologies. But! Cute babies! Messy business. This Mod Podge.


Of course the glue wasn't even dry before they were hung on my tree with care. I originally intended adding some sort of garnish to the ornament but I'm just not quite sure what. Sprig of holly? Bit of ribbon? I shall ponder further.

Now I want to Mod Podge all the things. Because this was my first experience using it. And I really love the way they turned out. Maybe candles will be next?

Last year's ornaments here.