cornelius week two

Day one: Mommy was snuggled all warm in her bed and had a deep sigh moment when she realized she and the attached basketball would need to go downstairs yet again to do Cornelius prep. This is where he landed. I make no apologies. 

Day two: It's the peek-a-boo gummy vitamin elf! See also: an ad for Target. 

Day three: Matt got involved. And need I say more? He takes it to a whole other level if I may say so. Note the song playing on the iPhone as well...Which, in case you can't see, is Margaritaville. That frozen concoction that helps me hang on.

Day four: When you're thirsty, you're just thirsty.

Day five: My sister brought us yummy chocolate chip cookies which The Big C had to have.

Day six: Even though the whole "hi kids" had mommy rapping an ancient Eminem song, the message was meant to be innocent enough. Everyone gets in on the good ole chalkboard fun.

Day seven: Letty is obsessed with gogurts and she especially enjoys them frozen. So does Cornelius. It's just like the North Pole in there as well.

And that's a wrap on week two!

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  1. you're so creative with these. and matt? just stop it - you're making everyone else look bad. haha jk :)

  2. these are so good, always!! and matt's, oh my g. can he set that little scenario up for me?! because i'm cold! ;) and dangling out of the water area on the fridge!! that's impressive, cornelius!!!

  3. Haha love this! You guys are so creative with Cornelius! I couldn't stop laughing at Matt's! Too funny!

    <3, Pamela

  4. HA! Matt seriously went all out with that tanning session. Too cute! The kids really have to love this. Too bad for my own....deprived little souls they are ;)

  5. These are all so cute and festive! Very creative! new follower!

  6. Did you see the one where they had the elf put "red noses" on a family photo? So cute! I swear I could NOT commit to this so I admire anyone and everyone who does. That sneak elf laying out to tan..;)

  7. See your day one is what I fear all the days would be. And Elf's Illustrated, I'm dying.

  8. I like where Matt and Corneilus are going. I would totally be there too if I only had an elf.

  9. Ahhh love love love seeing these. So this week M gets the award. Were those really small construction paper sunglasses AND an issue of Elf's Illustrated?? It's just too much.

    And I know this is going to surprise you, but our Buddy came back to town last week and since has been hanging out on the mantel "watching Cruz" - how creepy is that. But it's working so he's staying there. Poor Buddy. But you know who I don't feel sorry for? That smart person who invented this amazing little elf concept



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