cornelius week three.

Day one: Always one for hygienic hiding places, Cornelius chose the toilet paper tower. He may also be a bit of a pervert.

Day two: Once again you can tell when Matt decides to get involved. Lucky for Matt is was the night prior to bathroom cleaning day.

Day three: I was going for more of a Cornelius is in prison look but this works as well.

Day four: Cleaning the light fixture.

Day five: We were in the hospital you know, birthing a child, and Nonna really got in on the action good with this one. I heard all about it from Letty the following day. Well done Nonna!

Day six: Day two for Nonna and her elf creativity. She has always been a stickler that a tree must having a topper.

Day seven: The gingerbread houses were taking over the countertop and tempting us with all their candy goodness. Cornelius ate them, took them to the North Pole, or put them in the trash. Take your pick. This was all evidence left of them. 

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